Jan 1, 2018
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Apple admitted the release of low-quality iPhones

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Apple appealed to its customers with apologies for the harsh criticism of the earlier versions of the iPhone. As a result, representatives of Apple had to admit that they deliberately slowed down the operation of some previous models.

Reasons for the slow performance of previous versions of iPhone

Now Apple promises to replace the batteries of iPhones with smaller ones, and also to improve their software within a year. It will allow customers to control the battery status of their device more accurately.

Some customers already suspected that the company slowed the functioning of the earlier iPhones on purpose in to encourage customers to update smartphones more often. Naturally, this led to a lot of discontents.

In response to multiple complaints of customers, representatives of Apple admitted that they released early models of smartphones with obsolete batteries. However, the company explained that it was trying to compensate this shortcoming with a longer battery life in the previous iPhone models.

Also on the official website of Apple promised to reduce the price of replacing the battery without warranty. In the US, it should decrease from $79 and $29. This offer will work for everyone who has an iPhone 6 or any subsequent version. In the UK, the price of the iPhone will drop from £79 to £25.

In connection with recent misunderstandings, Apple is constantly trying to eliminate customer problems, improve customer loyalty and restore the trusting relationship with anyone who might question the quality of the company.

Representatives of Apple have repeatedly reported that the trust of customers is a key factor of their company. And the company works all the time to maintain its image in the eyes of customers. Managers of the company assure that high-quality technical support and trusting relations with customers have always helped them to create high-tech software and become the leaders in their field.

And yet in early December, Apple admitted that earlier iPhone models were intentionally created with slower functions. Thus, customers had an additional incentive to change their gadgets more often.

Apple Solution

In response to contradictions with customers, Apple representatives said that they have already made changes to the iOS operating system to manage aging lithium-ion batteries in earlier gadgets. It is necessary to monitor batteries whose performance decreases over time.

The issue has been experimentally found out that lithium-ion batteries prove to be practically incapable of providing a large load in conditions of low temperatures. So, it could be caused by the low battery mode and the battery age. Eventually, it has repeatedly been observed that this may be followed by a sudden shutdown of the iPhone as protection of its internal components.

In November, Apple created an update to fix the security issue with its Mac operating system. It allowed users and administrators to access the device without a password.

Millions of iPhone owners around the world are looking forward to the results of solving the problem with the battery of Apple phones. After all, this will allow them to continue to use modern technologies with joy without sacrificing quality.

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