Oct 1, 2017
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Google vs Amazon: a real struggle for dominance in the virtual world

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World companies Google and Amazon continue to claim leadership in the development of smart homes. These devices quickly gained popularity due to their multifunctionality and ease of use.

Let’s see what the essence of the competition, and which company has more chances to get a foothold in the smart house market.

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The History of Smart Houses

Amazon first appeared on the market of smart homes in 2014, introducing its virtual device Echo. Carrying out commands to regulate lighting and air temperature, ordering a taxi and goods in the store – Alexa has become an indispensable assistant to the lucky owners.


Soon after the creation of Amazon Echo, Google thought to produce its own version of smart homes. And, it was incredibly successful! Now it’s said that the Google’s devices called “Manhattan” have a high level of artificial intelligence. Experts explain the high competitiveness of Google’s smart homes, primarily the company’s extensive database. It means that a smart house knows more about its owners than they even can imagine.

At the moment, both Google and Amazon have focused their efforts on perfection their devices. Along with the introduction of innovative technologies, companies have also focused on finding business partners. For example, Google made agreement with Nvidia and Sony to appear on television. Advertising is never superfluous!


Additional Profit

Do you know how politicly Google and Amazon built their financial policies? Along with the profit from the sale of smart houses, these companies receive a part of the income from the order of goods by your home helper. The most important that it doesn’t affect the costs of the products. It’s just brilliant, isn’t it?

Now it’s clear why companies take over the market of smart houses. Indeed, by providing their virtual devices, it becomes easier to manage the demand for certain goods and services. So, it’s simply about getting more profits.

Where could you hear about smart houses?

Of course, the promotion of smart homes begins with mass communication channels. Companies are ready to pay for that. Also, you could notice the popularization of smart homes of both world companies in social networks. It’s not surprising that special hopes are for Facebook as it’s considered to be one of the most efficient and fastest ways of disseminating information.


In general, the competition between Google and Amazon in the smart homes market responds positively not only to the winning company but also to users. The competition process gives makes reasons to improve technology. It might be in a few years, smart houses will be able to read our speechless thoughts. Who knows?! Nothing is impossible because the competition is the half the battle.

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