Sep 27, 2017
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Robots: Innovation Technology or a Global Danger?

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The rapid development of robotics led Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, along with dozens of scientists, investors, and entrepreneurs from all over the globe to create a public letter to the masses requesting the safe development of artificial intelligence.


Let’s see if it’s worth worrying about the development of technology. Or this topic is just invented because of the broad interest of international organizations. Can artificial intelligence ever destroy humanity?

Danger of robots

If the immediate danger of robots to the lives of people is still uncertain, the influence of machines on workplaces is already essential.

The United Nations began to address threats to humanity associated with the rapid development of robotics. And although robots have existed for more than a decade, the risks of artificial intelligence have been considered relatively recently.


The UNICRI – Hague Center for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics – examines the impact of technology development on the unemployment rate. Did you know that only in the UK 30% of workers can be replaced by more practical and “patient” robots? And in some sectors of the economy, half of the employees of the future can be replaced by robots.

Undoubtedly, such a sharp substitution of employees can negatively affect the global economy. Depending on the state, unemployed citizens need to pay benefits. The labor market will need to be transformed by leaps and bounds, changing qualifications. The problem of replacing living workers with robots is particularly acute in the US, Israel, Russia, and China.

In addition to studying unemployment, the UN is also considering how information technologies can positively influence sustainable development. It is one of the priorities for the elaboration of an international organization.

The robots or the people?

The development of robotics frightens many scientists because innovative technologies can be used far from the best purposes. The massive invention of weapons can ultimately lead to the creation of “robot killers.”


Scientists claim that the “revolution of robots” is an artificial invention by science fiction writers. Robots can not outsmart people until they have creative thinking. So, they are not able to generate ideas more complex than those that are embedded in the knowledge base. Once people have created the intelligence of robots, then they can stop them.

And yet there is a reason for concern – the “revolution of robots” is possible if people will manage it. The intelligentsia from around the world is worried that one day a program against individuals can be launched. It can be against an innocent population controlling acts of terrorism.

Development of artificial intelligence

At this stage, the UN center located in the Netherlands directed its activities to the study of all the advantages and disadvantages due to the development of robotics. Also, there are many centers involved in the study of artificial intelligence to avoid its shortcomings.


Analyzing the prospects for the development of artificial intelligence, it is logical to refer to the famous statement by the scientist Stephen Hawking. He proclaimed that artificial intelligence would either be the best, or the worst innovation of humanity. And it’s hard to argue with his quote.

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