Oct 3, 2016
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Google given another extension to respond to European antitrust complaints

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Google’s parent company Alphabet is having a bit of a rough time in Europe after the European Commission accused it of abusing its dominance in the smartphone world by locking out competitors. Now, however, the company is being given a little extra time to file its response to the charges.

The time extension was reported by Reuters, noting the company has until the end of October to file a rebuttal to the accusations against it. This extension follows a previous extension — which gave the company until September 20. Originally, Google was given until April 2016, so we are now heading toward an extension of six months.

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It is important to note that extensions like these are not uncommon, but Google is risking the European Union being able to dig up more information against it.

This case in particular is focused on Google using Android to push its own apps and services at the expense of its rivals and if it is found that Google abused its dominance, it could face serious consequences — as much as 10 percent of its annual income, in fact. That could amount to as much as $7.4 billion in fines.

Citing a charge sheet it had seen, Reuters reported the EU had plans to fine Google and demand that the company stop sending payments to smartphone manufacturers, which are sent as an incentive to pre-install Google apps.

This is not the only case that Google is working on with the EU — the company is also being probed over its shopping service, Google Shopping and Google AdSense, its advertising business. The fact that it has three cases to work on is likely working in its favor when it comes to getting deadline extensions.

Google recently lost an appeal in Russia over a similar complaint, so it will be interesting to see if its troubles there end up being mirrored in Europe.

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