Nov 24, 2017
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5 Actionable Ways To Monetize Your Blog

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It seems that today everyone has a blog. Even now there are more than a billion active blogs and sites on the Internet. The content becomes not only more informative but also leads to new opportunities for earning through a web resource.

Requests in the search engines to monetize their own site are growing steadily. That’s why we want to consider 5 practical methods that will help you monetize your site. After all, top sites earn millions of dollars using the following methods.

In the search for a way to earn money on your website, do not hesitate to use these methods, which can help in developing cooperation between brands. Thanks to earning by your website, you also help others to develop their businesses.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective types of earnings through your website or blog because every time you get a commission. The reason may be legal sale, redirection or any other action made on your website or blog. At the same time, it allows bloggers to unite with global brands through the advertising network and individual affiliate programs.

View the web resources of top bloggers, and you will see for sure see several manifestations of earnings on affiliate programs using their website and content.

In the search for an affiliate program that would suit your audience, just find the brands on the search engine’s search terms, the ads you would like to see on your site. And then just add the phrase “affiliate program” to the request.

Commission Junction, Shareasale, and Tradedoubler are some of the top networks that provide access to thousands of partner programs.

2. Google AdSense

Google database includes millions of companies, whose ads come along with search queries. Each of the advertisers pays for switching to their site, and the price of advertising depends on the location of advertising in the search engine.

By joining the Google AdSense program, relevant ads can appear on partner sites. Naturally, site owners will earn some commission per each click. And in this case, the price for advertising depends on the niche. To maximize earnings on content using Google AdSense, make sure that the subject matter of your site matches the keywords of the ad.

3. Natural advertising

Natural advertising has won not only sites but also media resources. The essence of this ad is that it is easily confused with regular content, only containing a link to an external resource. There is more trust in this material and therefore more referrals. So, owners of sites or blogs can make excellent money on natural advertising!

Outbrain and Taboola are top marketing resources aimed at publishing natural advertising.

4. Sale of advertising space

With the direct sale of free space on your site to advertisers, you can earn the most profit on advertising. After all, in this case, you get not just a share of the click from your site, but the full cost of advertising.

What will be the cost of advertising? It’s up to you! Also, you will have to search for advertisers on your website by yourself.

 5. Creating online courses

If you not only blog, but also really specialize in a particular field, think about creating your own online courses. Selling online copyright courses can become a profitable online business and your creativity.

With the help of online tools high-quality online courses, it becomes effortless to create and promote.

Do everything possible to make your website or blog bring you profit. Invested much time and efforts in your blog, you should think about gaining some profit. Remember: time is money!

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