Sep 30, 2017
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Ethical Advertisement: 3 Tips For Entrepreneurs

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It does not matter whether you manage your business or just think about a startup, it is important to position your brand correctly. Cooperating with marketing agencies, insist on compliance with ethical standards.

Ethical standards in the business world

Ethic norms in advertising are relevant since they are shown in the world media resources. The public and business leaders are increasingly protesting against the positioning of brands in violation of ethics.

Let’s give an example. Companies that are engaged in releasing fashionable clothes (Gucci, Dior, and others) are not allowed to use too thin models in advertising.

Ethical norms became especially on demand when the PR of Bell Pottinger company aimed to cause interracial conflict in South Africa.

Even if the company cooperates with freelance marketers, this does not give reason to ignore ethical principles. Both sides must respect ethics if they want to act according to the law and the principles of sustainable development.

Recently, not only journalists and NGOs representatives speak about ethical norms, but also businesspeople themselves. Representatives of French corporations Kering and LVMH talked about the importance of respecting not only the rules of law but also morality.

3 Tips for Business Owners

1. Choose the marketing agencies that suit you

Debbie Morrison, director of consulting at ISBA, always advises thoroughly to study the activities of our potential partners. Then selectively cooperate only with those companies whose corporate culture and ethical principles correspond to your business. Only, in this case, it is possible to build strong long-term relations with trading partners.

Dom Dwight, the marketing director at Taylors of Harrogate, deliberately chooses business partners not from those who are smart (although this is important!) but from those who are comfortable in cooperation. Also, Dom noted that the personal qualities of his partners are no less important than their professional qualities.

Pete Markey, director of marketing at TSB, insists on monthly reviews of the quality of cooperation between companies and marketing agencies.

2. Think about your customers

Fact: the company communicates with its clients not only through products or services but also advertising. The quality of the services provided is a kind of attention. If your customers are satisfied, they will contact you again and again.

Linden Orvis, the manager at Hayes Garden World, insists on the quality of the services provided, the continuous training of staff and the proper positioning of the brand.

3. Learn to apologize correctly

Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone can recognize them. As an entrepreneur, you have to understand your mistakes. Nevertheless, you should not repeat the mistakes in the future.

Edel Ryan, the partner of JLT Specialty, believes that every company should see its development in the ability to correct its mistakes. It also manifests in responding to the customer’s feedback.

Remember: the reputation either build your business or collapse it. That’s why the increasing number of companies develop their ethics. And not in vain, as it positively affects their reputation. After all, ethics shows your care for the customers!

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