Mar 9, 2017
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Facebook ad clickthrough rates by industry 2017

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Chart of the Day: What clickthrough rate can new Facebook advertisers expect?

With declining reach in organic Facebook posts, we are seeing competition on Facebook hot up. Last September Sheryl Sandberg announced that Facebook had passed the 4 million advertiser milestone and that was only 6 months after the 3 million milestone was passed…

If you're thinking about investing in Facebook advertising you will want to model the return on marketing investment to make the business case. Knowing average clickthrough rates can help you make the case. Facebook's own Ad Manager will enable you to estimate reach, but what clickthrough rate can you expect on Facebook?

This new research from WordStream's Facebook advertising customers shows that across sectors clickthrough rates (CTRs) vary from around 0.5% through to 1.6%.

More advertisers naturally means more competition, so you will need to model the average Cost Per Click (CPC) too. These are also available in this research summary along with different conversion rates.

  • Source: Wordstream
  • Sample: 256 US-based WordStream client accounts in all verticals (representing $553,000 in aggregate Facebook spend) advertising on Facebook for conversion between November 2016 and January 2017.
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