Oct 3, 2016
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What are the barriers to email personalisation? [#chartoftheday]

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Just what are the barriers to embracing contextual personalisation in email marketing? Budget? Senior manager buy in? Lack of strategy?

Today we launched our report Wowing with Contextual Email Marketing with our partner Movable Ink: we wanted to share some interesting stats from the report.

We wanted to understand what stops EMEA marketers from using personalisation in their email marketing campaigns due to its potential.

Organisational barriers to contextual personalisation

As can be seen in the chart above, budget, platforms not up to scratch and surprisingly, a lack of email communications strategy were the biggest barriers.

For this question within the report we found that:

  • Lack of strategy was the largest barrier with 45% of respondents indicating this, this suggests that EMEA marketers may be using email without a long term strategy
  • Budget was also a major barrier for over 4 in 10 respondents (41%) – email marketing could be perceived as low cost, which means that budget may be allocated elsewhere. Email marketing budgets were expected to increase in 2016 and budget should not be restricted for such an effective form of marketing
  • Some Email Service providers (ESP's) are not offering contextual personalisation functionality that EMEA marketers desire, as 35% said their current ESP was a barrier.

You can get your free report from Smart Insights and Movable Ink by clicking here.

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