Jan 16, 2018
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Key events at the Amazon Summit in Australia

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One of the critical events of the company Amazon in Australia occurred on December 5, 2017. The opening day exceeded expectations of all previous activities of the company because recently Amazon had the very first ever Australian summit. First of all, the businessmen focused on local enterprises, but also useful for sellers in the world market.

We suggest you briefly consider the topics of discussions at the world summit in Australia in order to improve the conditions of both local and global sellers.

Retail sales fee

The Australian branch of Amazon has a lot of details allow to attract retailers information. One of the main points was the reduction in the rate for retailers on Amazon. Now the manager of Amazon in Australia Rocco Brauniger confirmed that the world traders would pay $ 49.95 per month for using the marketing platform + commission of 6-15% from each sale.

Accelerated promotion

Amazon’s promotional campaign has traditionally seen a slow growth of the platform in the new states. For example, creating a complete list of products, shipping options and offering all services in Canada took several years. And at the summit entrepreneur Braunger said that the development of the Australian branch would be much faster, as it was in Spain.

Amazon is open to offer sale services for products of 23 categories. Although there is still no exact date for the launch of Prime, Amazon plans to do it in mid-2018. The opening of the Amazon Fresh store in Sydney is already being discussed.

Fashion and Consumer Goods

In most cases, Amazon is associated with technology, books and household goods. However, they also began to talk about launching their clothing line. It became clear that Amazon decided to encourage sellers in each of the product categories to sell their products by subscribing to Amazon Australia.

A particular discussion was sparked by-products in the field of beauty and children’s clothing. Fashion and consumer goods have proven to be in need for the majority of people, and therefore advised companies with products from these sectors to take advantage of the opportunity to sell goods online.

The form is not important

At the summit, it also became clear that Amazon is calling on its market companies of any size. Now the company has an online portal for sellers to register their interests and intentions. This was announced by Amazon representatives at the summit in Australia, which proved to be motivating for small and medium-sized businesses.

Receiving Payments with Payoneer

As for getting money from sales on Amazon, Payoneer got such a feature. Now, Payoneer offers to receive funds in Australian Dollars. To do this, you just need to create your account on the site of the payment system.

Thus, the world is creating more opportunities for online sales. And the Amazon summit in Australia proved this. Before you do e-commerce, you need to know as much as possible about this direction. Good luck with your sales!


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