Jan 3, 2018
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5G – The Main Focus and Opportunities

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Technology 5G is increasingly becoming a topic for conversation in the global telecommunications industry. However, experts in the field of modern technology are urged not to hurry to meet progress. They are sure it’s more important to concentrate on safety and quality of communication.

One common character trait unites technologists and developers. They are always looking forward to fulfilling the promises of the future. Not surprisingly, they focus particular attention on 5G in mobile development. Therefore, the next important step will be the introduction of individual elements of the new technology in the beginning of 2018.

5G Distribution Speed

At the same time, the 2G technology still prevails in Africa, because it owns a significant market share. According to the research of the GSM Association, 3G will not be able to overcome 2G in Africa until 2020. Most likely 4G will be in use by only 12% of the African mobile market by that time.

Of course, the pace of technological change depends on the economic situation of countries and their landscape. And yet, research technology focuses on the inevitable progress and improvement in the future.

As for 5G, it has a wide network diversification. The function of using different network ranges is essential. The ability to maintain separate levels, speeds and types of services and applications throughout the network is one of the leading advantages of 5G. It is the further disclosure of these functions is essential for the development of new services in the interests of consumers.

Developers’ Focus on 5G

In the past, mobile developers have often been accused of a lack of attention to network security requirements. The SS7 signaling system can be an example, which is very important for roaming and wireless mobile technologies. However, developers did not pay enough attention to safety and to eliminating interference. It led to hacker attacks on the mobile network and regular occasions of listening to calls, forwarding text messages or tracking the location.

Early digital networks were considered primarily as voice networks, and overall data transmission was not predicted. However, today, technologists working on 5G, that the security of these users is above all. That is why “cyberwar” along with the development of new opportunities play a pivotal role in the development of new technologies.

The developers focus on protecting data integrity and configuring network ranges. The problem of data leakage should be solved as soon as possible because it can serve as an access point to confidential information for intruders. It is critical to keep the confidentiality of information at the national level insecure, and the specialists are working on it.

Problems and Solutions of 5G

At the same time, there are many “but” in the process of implementing 5G-technology. One of the main problems to solve is the possibility of combining technology with mobile devices along with the maintenance of old technologies.

GSMA asked the 3GPP group to prescribe 5G standards to improve the security of the 5G signaling system. It will help to stop hackers inserting or modifying alarm messages. That’s why specialists recommend to use HTTP on TCP with information as JSON objects. It makes convenient to create new applications. However, access control, authentication, integrity, encryption, and permissions should be part of the system to block hackers and scammers.

According to Steve – director of Evolved Intelligence, developers need to pay more attention to protecting data in existing networks. It is also necessary to solve the problem of retro installation of new 5G security for existing 4G networks and deployment of additional signaling firewalls that can protect 2G and 3G networks now. Steve believes that the safety and compatibility of technology is the first thing you need to pay attention to when developing 5G and other new technologies.

As a result, it becomes clear that each new network needs protection as much as any old network. That is why network security is the central principle that guides the development of the 5G network.

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