Jan 27, 2017
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Microsoft to invest $1bn in security per year

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Microsoft will continue to pour money into cyber security,
with plans to invest $1 billion annually in the sector,
according to reports.

Speaking to Reuters, Microsoft vice president of security
Bharat Shah said the company intends to invest heavily in
research and development in security.

"As more and more people use cloud, that spending has to go
up," Shah said at the BlueHat cyber security conference,
adding that the $1 billion investment doesn’t
include future acquisitions.

According to figures from the software giant, there are
currently around 600,000 to 700,000 cyber-attacks every week.
This is 30 times more than those carried out weekly three
years ago, when the figure was just 20,000 per week.

Shah claimed that the move to cloud services means that
spending on security must rise. Microsoft is a key driver of
cloud technology through its Azure product.

It has invested in a number of security firms based in
Israel, where the BlueHat conference was held, over the last
few years, on top of cash ploughed into its own security

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