Online Tutoring

Online TutoringOnline tutoring is considered to be a universal field of activity, in which everyone could succeed. In fact, online tutoring does not differ from other jobs, where income depends on professional competence, communication skills, and personal motivation. Successful tutors completely immerse in this field of activity, quitting their teaching jobs in schools and universities.

Let’s figure out how to become a first-class online tutor with a stable income.

Online tutoring is distance teaching process with the aim of mastering the material, preparing for exams and entering the university.

Tutoring as a field of activity always existed, but it has been known in the online format for a couple of decades only. Is it capable enough? Sure! After all, online tutoring has 3 undeniable advantages:

  1. There is no need to prepare a place for classes; there can’t be any problem with security.
  2. The price of online tutoring is lower due to the exclusion of travel costs around the city. Moreover, an online tutor has more time to prepare for classes.
  3. Students study from home, and it allows their parents to control the learning process easier.

What can a tutor teach? Although tutoring in English and math is the most popular, you can spread your knowledge and skills in any sphere that is on demand.

Software for Online Tutoring

  1. Programs for communication:

  • Skype (free), undoubtedly, is the leading software for online teachers. It is in use for individual and group sessions.
  • Google Hangout (free) – Google’s trusted product, similar to Skype in its functionality.
  1. Programs for screen recording:

  • Screencast-O-Matic (free for the first 15 minutes, $15 / year for unlimited use) allows you to record video of the lesson to review it later.
  • YouTube (free) is perfect for storing videos for later viewing. This service is suitable for both personal and public use.
  1. Virtual whiteboards

    They are especially important for teachers of the exact sciences when they need to see how to draw graphics and change them. Both programs allow to make changes in real time mode:

  • Idroo (free for limited use, $ 10 per month – for unlimited) – compatible with Windows and Mac.
  • Baiboard (free) – compatible with iPad only.
  1. Programs for homework

  • Squid (free) allows students to make notes in PDF documents by hand, and teachers make corrections afterwards.
  • Extempore ($ 29.99 per student per year) allows the tutor to see the student’s corrections made in the document online.

How to recognize a specialist in online tutoring?

Human qualities of a tutor are no less important than the specific knowledge in the field of the subject. Let’s look at 5 skills of an effective teacher, which every tutor should take note of:

  1. Extensive experience and knowledge about the topic of training.
  2. Patience and respect for each student and his/her parents.
  3. The ability to explain the material at the pace that is comfortable for each particular student.
  4. The aspiration to improve the knowledge in the field of the subject, as well as teaching techniques.
  5. An energetic and positive attitude under any circumstances during the educational process.

Did you find yourself there? Then you must be an excellent tutor! Let everyone know about your competence in tutoring, collaborate with online schools and start a blog on your subject.

Smart positioning of your skills and reputation will lead you to prepare for your first lesson in a short time. It will be your first experience as a tutor. Let it be successful!