Feb 23, 2018
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5 Actionable Ways For Effective Online Communication

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Hiring managers assure that personal contact with the candidate is essential for employment and business negotiations. After all, sign language is often more “eloquent” than words. Modern technology allows employers to remotely interview freelancers, freely communicating with customers from around the world.

Since a growing number of businesses look for online opportunities to grow and business correspondence is not enough, online communication tools are the key. This communication method is useful enough if it is reasonable to use it. This article presents five effective ways to improve communication between freelancers and customers qualitatively.

1. Set a Business Tone

It’s unlikely that you got a job if you came for an interview in dirty things and with foreign objects, do not you? Usually, it goes without saying. However, not all freelancers comply with this condition for online interviews.

Recruiters who conduct interviews remotely, repeatedly complain about freelancers who appear on the conversation not combed or wearing the home clothes. Although, most of all, they are irritated by dirty dishes or underwear, toys or distractions.

Keep in mind that your appearance and working environment are essential during the interview time.

Pleasant lighting is also a great bonus. After all, these small factors influence at a subconscious level. They speak about your professional approach to the interview and make communication with you the way more comfortable.

It is not necessary to wear a business suit during the interview, but at least you must look neat. Put the room in order and make sure nothing distracts you in the workplace. Observance of cleanliness and discipline will help you not only during the interview but also during the work.

2. Use a high-quality camera

Online communication does not allow for 100% that you are a trustworthy person. But you have to look presentable in the eyes of the employer, be dressed in a businesslike way, use a high-quality camera and guide it at the right angle. It will improve your appearance and, most likely, positively affect the employer’s opinion of you as an IT specialist.

And believe me, with a quality camera you obviously will stand out in the eyes of the employer in comparison with freelancers, whose image consists of pixels.

The use of a professional camera is a kind of introduction of a “note” of professional tone, which serves as a basis for trust between intermediaries.

3. Mute Your Microphone While Listening

This advice is especially valuable if your online conversation includes more than two participants. Although, even two can not often figure out the order.

To prevent interference, at the very beginning of the conversation, agree that you will turn off the microphone until you talk. After all, if you there is a noisy road nearby your place, and someone suddenly snaps, then, in the end, you can forget about the productive dialogue. That’s why make sure to put your microphone into a silent mode when someone else is trying to convey a thought.

Tip: if you are new to video conferences, before a business interview, practice communication with your friends or relatives on Skype or any other online application. Put the microphone in silent mode when they speak. You will have the habit in a short time and will control the sound without thinking. In the course of time, you will feel comfortable during the interview as well as when communicating with relatives.

4. Minimize Distractions

It is indecent to get distracted by telephone conversations and any other extraneous matters in the process of communicating tete-a-tete. If you receive a call on your mobile phone during an online conference, you can probably say goodbye to the opportunity to work for this company.

In order not to prevent watching at the secluded screen, leave the mobile phone in the next room, and it is desirable to turn off the sound on it. Direct 100% of your attention to the online conference, regardless of whether you are silent or talking. Look directly into the camera, so that the person you are talking to has the impression that you are looking into his eyes.

5. Use Visualization

In Skype, as in other applications for a video conference, there is the possibility of visualizing what has been said. With this function, you can share documents, images and even video materials right during the conversation. Thus, you can clearly explain what can’t be described in words, and the communication process will become more productive.


Online communication platforms offer many benefits to freelancers and employers, and also expand the market. However, professional image and productive communication require respect for good-order rules. Use the five tips that we just described to communicate efficiently and quickly find the desired job.

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