Jan 21, 2018
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Tutoring as the Part of the App Culture

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Despite the fact that tutoring is considered one of the oldest professions in the world, this activity has also become a hostage of urbanization and the requirements of the latest technologies. The emergence of the Internet and mobile applications has become a critical factor in changing the role of tutoring in the world. Now we are going to estimate the impact of scientific and technological progress on the development trends of tutoring in the world.

Tutoring History

Almost every world leader had his own tutor. The most developed tutoring was in Ancient Greece – Plato taught Dionysius, and Aristotle instructed Alexander the Great. After a while, education has become increasingly important for people, and therefore the services of ancient tutors have become widely used in Ancient Rome as well as the other European countries.

In the XVIII century in the noble houses of Russia, it was decided to hire foreign tutors, who also could be educators to children.
If earlier tutors were often chosen, guided solely by the level of the knowledge, then nowadays the human qualities of a tutor are no less important than the qualification.

Tutoring Nowadays

Applications for online tutors have gained popularity among young people in the past few years. One of the most common is Snapask, created by Timothy Yu. This application allows students to ask questions to tutors belonging to one or another category of knowledge. It also allows you to attach the corresponding images. Teacher and student can communicate in a separate online chat. And the student can be opened several conversations with different tutors at the same time.
This approach turned the online tutoring industry upside down, making it more informal. After all, instead of a strict distinction between the categories of “teacher” and “student” in the past, now the tutor becomes a friend and mentor of his students.

The Snapask app launched a year ago, now unites more than 100,000 students from Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan with over 5,000 qualified tutors from world universities. Every day Snapask members exchange tens of thousands of instant messages.

The creator of the application Timothy Yu is sure that this way of communication is the most comfortable for both sides – the teacher and the student. It has almost no formalities, and yet you can exchange messages, images, and videos. Thus, tutors have the opportunity to make the most productive use of time, and students – to feel comfortable.

Many tutors still prefer to work one-on-one with the student, since they consider this training more efficient and profitable (about $ 20 per hour). Indeed, it is beneficial, but do not neglect the time to move and search for customers.

The creator of the application is sure that online tutors can earn as much as they do with private practice if they are flexible and have the opportunity to work in any free time.

Trends in choosing a tutor

If earlier when selecting a tutor, parents were guided by the responses of acquaintances and announcements in newspapers, now reviews about online tutors on the sites can show a complete picture.

John Underhill is confident that the main advantage of online tutoring is giving students freedom. During his online training career, Mr. Underhill made a significant contribution to online education, having learned more than 250,000 students.

On the other hand, online services try to control the process of providing services and their quality maximally. In correspondence on such sites, it is forbidden to exchange any personal contacts for communication outside the online service, and all correspondence is recorded and viewed.

Experience of online tutoring in the world

Large Nigerian companies Tuteria and Tutor.ng provide exclusively online training, which indicates the high demand for online coaching in this country.

The Egyptian start-up Tyro provides an opportunity to conduct online sessions on tutoring using a whiteboard and other services.

Thus, such exercises are practically not inferior in quality to practicing live. This is what the online tutoring industry has been striving for in recent years – to become an improved alternative to providing quality online education. If you are planning a career as a tutor, you can safely search for clients online with the help of promising sites and applications in your field.

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