Nov 26, 2017
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Successful Learning Strategies For Online Tutors

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The peculiarity of tutoring is that the teacher remains one-on-one with the student. This kind of teaching is most effective because the tutor’s attention is focused on one person. So, there is an opportunity to use many techniques in practice.

The main thing is to know about effective teaching strategies and to be able to apply them in practice. That’s why we have prepared five strategies that can bring maximum benefit to students engaged in online tutoring.

1. Make the Subject Live

A dry study of mathematics, chemistry or history doesn’t have many connections with the life of your students. It is much more important to let your students “feel” the topic, rather than memorize it. The more the tutor knows about the student, the more examples he will be able to offer. When teaching chemistry or physics, tell about practical experiments. It is essential for emotional tutors to add emotions to historical figures, such as Julius Caesar, Napoleon, the Decembrists and many others. Let your students know what impressed you but be objective.

2. Teach Critical Thinking

Knowledge of the subject is important for students – otherwise, your tutoring services would not be useful. However, the ability to analyze and critical thinking surpasses even this. Teach your students to independently investigate the subject and understand the essence.
Ask your students to explain the essence of the phenomenon or prepare a quiz on the topic. It will reveal their creativity, expand the horizons and learn to take responsibility for the words. You can see that self-study is an important part of any tutoring.

3. Assess Knowledge Through Game

Students are tired of serious teachers at school. Create a friendly atmosphere – offer verification of the acquired material in the game form. People want to learn with pleasure and without unnecessary strain. No wonder the applications for learning foreign languages in a game form, such as Lingualeo, Duolingo, and others – became famous worldwide.

4. Hold pauses

If you do not pause at the right time, the material is simply not digested properly. Make a small pause after each thought, and also make sure that your client understands everything correctly. If you lose your thought, pause, and ask to rephrase what you just explained.

5. Use Media

No matter how interesting the information is, it is always better remembered in combination with media materials. Pick up pictures, music and video clips, which are connected to the topic, so there was another way to remember the material. The use of this strategy is especially important for visuals.
We are accustomed to receiving more than 70% of information with visual signals, and therefore often remember pictures faster than audio materials. When studying geography – start with the study of the map, and when learning a foreign language, it is useful to pronounce new words together with pictures.

The more you work as a tutor, the more your abilities will expand. With individual lessons, you can entirely focus on the interests and needs of your student. So, you can build classes so that they bring the maximum benefit. Continue to develop professionally, and then you should not be afraid of competition among the online tutors!

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