Jan 25, 2018
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Is Compact Living Able To Solve a Global Housing Problem?

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The demand for housing in the UK does not match the supply for the moment, and this is a big problem. The growing number of people want to live in the centers of large cities, in new areas, near parks, etc. In London and Amsterdam, the housing problem has become especially actual. That’s why the division of housing is becoming more urgent. Compact living makes housing more accessible for everyone as well as gives the opportunity to accommodate the masses of people.

In connection with the growing demand for housing in attractive areas, a number of people tend to share their living spaces. People are ready to sacrifice their personal space, and then it will be enough for everyone. Let’s see if the idea of compact living can really solve the problem of housing shortage in cities of world importance.

What is a compact living?

Compact living is an incredibly tiny dwelling (house or apartment) where small space compensates by the quality and comfortable design.

More and more housing in the UK become compact for accommodating a more significant number of people. Moreover, the housing issue is so acute that it often rises at the national level. The population is also concerned about the lack of the space. Therefore they agree to share the capacity of housing spaces.

compact livingCompact housing is becoming a popular trend in countries where free space is costly like it is in the Netherlands. Also in cities like London, the day hardly passes without mentioning the mayor of the capital of the problem of the housing shortage. That is why the relevance of the issue of tiny houses only increases.

When making a choice, most people, probably, would avoid the opportunity to live in such a compact space. Some people say that it is “only a few centimeters larger than an average prison cell.” This is how one of the residents of London expressed for the press. At the same time, there are so many people in the world who would like to have the opportunity of the tiny housing in order to live in the center of London.

Statistics of the Compact Living

Already in the UK, there are some of the smallest houses in Europe, and the average housing area in the country is 76 x 137 square meters. In the past few years, the number of housing units with a total area of less than 37 square meters has increased substantially. However, the government stipulated that housing should be no less than a normal studio room.

There was an increase in the number of compact housing by 172% in 2014. However, a record number of spaces was built during the last year up to 8 000 houses. In 2015, already 5605 tiny houses and apartments were built. Such an increase in compact housing was a consequence of the legislative framework, changed in 2013. According to the law, people can transform office blocks in the city center into apartments.

Who needs compact housing?

Tiny dwellings are becoming popular also for economic reasons. Housing prices are constantly growing, and rental housing is becoming less affordable for the masses. That’s why houses are getting smaller – so you can divide the rent or the cost of housing with neighbors.

The concept of compact housing is often criticized, calling such houses “for dogs.” However, for solving the housing problem in the UK, such dwellings are as effective as possible. In general, the problem with housing can be solved only by going beyond the framework of existing solutions.

The concept of compact dwellings meet the needs of people for when the location is more important than space. According to a research of the BRE, Oxford Street is the most attractive location for compact housing in London. The cities of Bristol, Liverpool, Birmingham, and Leicester are also considered “hot spots” of Great Britain. So, the housing problem also implies to these cities.

Thus, the concept of compact living create compromise housing conditions. People are ready to sacrifice space for the sake of living in a primary district with attractive design and at an affordable price. Consider this fact, if you are thinking about investing in real estate.

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