Sep 24, 2017
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5 Useful Tips To Sell a House Fast

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How to sell a house fast in and profitably? Millions of people all over the world are asking this question. That’s why we prepared 5 practical tips that you can use as an action plan during the process of selling.

1. Prepare all the necessary documentation.

Before buying a property, customers first of all pay attention to the legal side of the issue.

Pay attention to the following documents:

  • The recording in the Land Register serves as a legal proof;
  • The building project contains information on materials of the house and its communications;
  • The plan of the boundaries of the land, if any.

If you do not have all the documents available, probably you need lawyer’s services. After all, the correct documentation is the first step on the way to a successful sale of the house.

2. Decide on the preferred price and timing to sell house fast

Naturally, each of us wants to sell their property expensively, but keep in mind – the buyers have a choice. In a competitive environment, every price, which is not lower than the market value is considered beneficial.

Factors affecting the value of real estate:

  1. Availability of all necessary documentation (you already know the reason);
  2. Attractiveness and ecology of the area and its remoteness from the center of the locality;
  3. The convenience of the location of the house and infrastructure: the landscape of the area, as well as the distance to public places (transport, parks, schools, hospitals, etc.)
  4. Technical conditions of the house;
  5. The state of electrical and thermal networks, as well as the availability of communication channels and the Internet connection in the home;
  6. The willingness to sell the house means that nobody resides there.

The more attractive the house looks, the more chances you have to sell it expensively. Determine how much you are willing to invest in repairing a house and for how long can you be selling it. Of course, it’s tough to sell real estate in a short time at a high price.

3. Bring the property in order.

Even if the terms of sale are small, minimal cosmetic repairs are necessary. Remember that most buyers make their decision during the first 30 seconds, then they look for facts to confirm the decision.

Give the house an attractive appearance – remove all unnecessary stuff and add the attributes of the interior. Sometimes an attractively painted fence, perfect cleanliness, and a cute mailbox cause more emotion than expensive furniture.

Find faults in the house and eliminate them, if possible. Decorate unattractive spots with curtains or lamps.
If you have an idea, create a style of the house. Customers appreciate originality.

4. Prepare the arguments.

As an owner, you need to find competent answers to all sorts of questions regarding your property. Think about the shortcomings of your home, and find the ways to resolve criticism. For example, if your home is far from the center, emphasize the fact that public transport is around the clock and the parking is nearby.
Be honest with the buyers. If you have tense relations with neighbors, you should not hide this.
Prepare answers to questions about the technical condition of the house and the cost of utilities in the winter. Your open-minded communication with customers will be a guarantee of a mutually beneficial deal for both parties.

5. Start selling.

During the search for customers to buy your home, don’t avoid the “word of mouth.” Tell your friends and acquaintances about your intention to sell your house fast, and this can significantly speed up the process of selling.

Don’t forget that people tend to trust the people they know.

Nevertheless, do not neglect the opportunity to place an ad for the sale of the house on the relevant sites. Enter the “buy a house” in the search engine, and you will see a lot of websites dedicated to the real estate sale with free ads. In your ad, be specific, and also indicate that you are the owner.

Use the services of realtors only in case of need to sell a house as soon as possible.

Are you ready? Let’s go to the point! Take the matter of the sale of a house fundamentally, think it through to the smallest detail. Do not skimp on the services of professionals if you need them.

Time and money invested in the house will positively affect the cost of housing shortly.

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