Sep 27, 2017
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How to Manage Your Money Mindfully?

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A person who can manage money skillfully does not have to have a diploma in finance. Believe, it’s not a rocket science. The art of money management is of particular importance for those who plan to connect their future with investment or online business. Become a step closer to financial independence today!

5 Wise Tips for Managing Your Finances

  1. Save money regularly

A famous financier and writer Robert Kiosaki insisted that the main reason of financial problems is not low income. Inability to manage what you have is the root.
Just think: if today you begin to deposit $1 a day at a compound interest, then you will make a fortune in 10 years! Now imagine the result if you have the opportunity to save $10 every day. In this case, regularity is significant. If $1 is not important for you today, then it can change your life for better in a dozen years.

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2. Keep records of your finances

Start managing your funds from setting goals. Think out carefully and decide: “What do you need your money for?”. Do not be shy about your dreams, but do not exaggerate.

Divide all your finances into three categories:

  • Reserves for the emergency case – save a necessary amount, and use it only in the event of urgency.
  • Savings for planned significant spending you should replenish regularly – these finances are needed to implement your large-scale programs and essential purchases.
  • Personal capital should always be active – invest it in various types of assets and its development.

3. Focus on your goals, not the savings

Pronounce the word “money” and think what kind of associations and emotions are connected with this word. Finance is prone to cause both joy and fear.

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Negative emotions may arise for two main reasons:

  • the fear of not having money in future;
  • the fear of responsibility because of wealth.

Psychologists are sure that the concerns associated with money do not allow many people to earn a lot. Guide your energy towards your goals instead of accumulating the finances. Then you won’t wait for the result but achieve everything deserved.

4. Spend wisely

People who are accustomed to spending wisely, never overpay, and typically buy goods wholesale if possible.
Did you know that reasonable spending depends on emotional intelligence? Keep your emotions – don’t buy more than on your shopping list. Remember that the maximum satisfaction from buying is at the time of purchase. Later, it may turn out that a new accessory does not fit into your interior at all.


Conscious spending is not a rejection of desires, but a change in your thinking. Concentrate on the great plans to create your own business, significant investments and other projects designed to create passive income. Then you will always have enough money for small things like for a new phone. However, it might be unreasonable for you to change thing so often.

5. Do not go into debts

Going into debts, you dig a financial hole for your family. Are you sure you will be able to repay the debt if you do not have enough money today? Under the same circumstances, your debt will only increase, and you will need to give more and more.
However, it’s the way better to get money from your accumulated savings or a reserve fund.


It would be useful to teach these principles at the university, wouldn’t it? Whatever your financial situation is at the moment, remember – you can change it. Start changes in your budget from today!

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