Feb 22, 2016
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Investing.com sentiment index: speculators less bullish on U.S. dollar

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Investing.com – The Investing.com weekly sentiment index
published on Monday revealed that speculators scaled back their
bullish bets on the U.S. dollar in the week ending February 19.

According to the report, 34.8% of investors held long positions
in EUR/USD as of last week, increasing from 33.3% from a week

Meanwhile, 39.7% of market participants held long positions in
USD/JPY as of last week, up slightly from 38.6% in the preceding
week, 43.5% of investors were long GBP/USD, compared to 41.6% in
the preceding week, while 43.5% of investors were long USD/CHF,
falling from 47.4% in the previous week.

Amongst the commodity-linked currencies, 52.4% were long
USD/CAD, down from 54.9% a week earlier, 41.8% held long positions
in AUD/USD, compared to 50.5% in the preceding week, while 39.0%
were long NZD/USD, declining from 40.5% a week earlier.

The report also showed that 37.8% of investors were long the
S&P 500, improving from 31.0% a week earlier.

Elsewhere, 56.4% of market participants held long positions in
gold futures last week, increasing from 56.1% in the preceding

A reading between 50%-70% is bullish for the instrument, a
reading between 30% and 50% is bearish, a reading above 70%
indicates overbought conditions and a reading below 30% indicates
oversold conditions.

The Investing.com series of indexes is developed in-house. Each
index measures overall exposure to major currency pairs,
commodities and indexes, using data from futures exchanges and OTC
providers on all long and short open positions.


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