Feb 9, 2018
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Luxury Accommodation in Russia | Cottage Complex “Serednikovo Park”

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The cottage complex “Serednikovo Park” is one of the most attractive elite residential complexes near Moscow. Since the complex “Serednikovo Park” is still at the stage of development, it inevitably causes the interest of investors, real estate agents, as well as merely looking for housing families. Let’s figure out what is the attractiveness of elite housing and what are the duplexes of this cottage complex among many dwellings in the vicinity of the capital.

Features of the Cottage Complex “Serednikovo Park”

  • Location

The residential complex is located in Solnechnogorsk District. It is 22 km away from the Moscow Ring Road and just 1 km from the city of Zelenograd.

  • Area

254 duplexes on 14.5 hectares

  • Infrastructure

Duplexes of “Serednikovo Park” are not detached houses, but the whole infrastructure. There will be an administrative complex, a kindergarten, sports grounds and fitness equipment, beauty salons, grocery stores, office maintenance and many other services next to the residential buildings.

Also, residents have the opportunity to stroll in the forest or along the lake.

  • Transport

If you have a private car, then you will quickly get to anywhere in Moscow by the Moscow Ring Road. There is a parking lot where you can store your vehicle in the courtyard of the duplex.

Although if you prefer to use public transportation, the high-speed train “Swallow” can take you to the center of Moscow in 25 minutes.

  • Ecological situation

In contrast to the polluted Moscow, housing complex is located in an ecologically clean area. Despite the proximity to the settlements, this complex is surrounded by a dense forest and a picturesque lake.

  • Quality of construction

Developers promise that the cottage complex is made of high-quality European materials – ceramic bricks and natural tiles. The housing complex will be equipped with all necessary communications.

  • Cost

To buy a dwelling of 153 square meters + 3 acres of land will cost 5.85 million rubles.

There is a discount of 3% for those who have the opportunity to pay the entire cost of the housing immediately.

  • Volumes of construction

In total, it is planned to build 254 duplexes, each of which will be a volume of 150 or 180 square meters and a 3-6 hectare plot of land.

  • Mortgage

With the purpose of selling a home, the developer cooperates with four large and reliable banks of Russia – Sberbank, Delta credit Bank, RosselhozBank, and VTB24. If you plan to take a mortgage, specify the conditions on the official website.

Provided that you can make the first 50% of payment immediately, then the right of free installments is granted. And before the construction of the complex, there is the possibility of issuing a free installment plan for 12 months.

Duplexes: Pros and Cons

Duplex is a type of housing intended for two families and no more. In fact, this is a house divided in half between families. In addition to the duplex, each of the owners, as a rule, gets a garden and parking. Thus, each family has its own part of the house and access to three sides of the world.

In fact, duplex is a separate housing, because only the roof and the common wall-partition are common.

Quite often duplexes are confused with townhouses. Both of these terms come from America, where massive building began with the dwellings of this complex. But there is a fundamental difference in the number of property owners: townhouses are less private – they can accommodate more than two families.

Thus, duplex is the “golden mean” between ordinary townhouses and private cottages. Let’s see, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of housing.


  • Private area,
  • Affordable price compared to cottages,
  • Availability of land,
  • Convenient infrastructure,
  • Environmental friendliness,
  • Smart design solutions.


  • Buying a duplex for rent, sometimes it is not easy to find renters, and then you will have to live with them side by side.

Thus, duplexes are gaining increasing popularity among Russians. Often, you can find such houses in ecologically clean areas outside the city, and the cottage complex “Serednikovo Park” is not an exception. Only thoroughly thinking about all the advantages and disadvantages of the cottage complex, you can decide on buying a home or investing in this type of property.

Photo Credit: Official website “Serednikovo Park”

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