Feb 15, 2018
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Buy an Office in “Moscow City” Business Center

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In search of prestigious office space, Russian business people have to choose their business location from a variety of options. In the last couple of years, the Moscow City business center has been increasingly attracting business owners for long-term cooperation. Let’s see what the peculiarity of this business center is and how it is possible to buy or rent real estate in it.

About the “Moscow City” Business Center

“Moscow City” is one of the most modern buildings on the territory of the capital of Russia. In this complex are offices, rooms for events and conferences and even residential buildings. The business center mostly includes office spaces. In fact, the primary business activity of Moscow and even Russia is concentrated in Moscow-City.

The “Moscow City” Business Center Project Plan

The project of the business center “Moscow City” was founded in 1991 according to the project of architect Boris Thor. The construction of skyscrapers near the industrial zone proved to be justified because in this way it was possible to conduct business near production.

According to the project plan, the business center “Moscow City” has 20 parts with a park zone in the center of the business center and an underground parking below it. Each of the buildings must have had an access to the parking.

Workers of both the first and second line could have a view from the offices to the river due to the difference in the height of the buildings.

However, the planned business center project was not implemented, mainly due to the separation of a single project of a business center between several owners. Each of them tried to apply his project, and this became an obstacle to the construction of a unique architectural ensemble, initially conceived by the chief designer Boris Thor.

Due to the requirements of the project investors, the buildings tended to be higher than originally planned. As a result, problems arose with engineering communications and the transport system.

At the moment, only the building “Tower 2000” and the bridge “Bagration” – comply with the original plan.

Features of the “Moscow City” Business Center

1. Availability

The convenient location of the business center allows you to reach it around the clock on your transport. Convenient location near the Third Ring Road, Moscow makes this place convenient for travel from anywhere in the capital.
If you still plan to get to the business center by public transport, specify the schedule and time off work. For example, the metro operates from 5:30 am to 1 am.

2. Prestigiousness

Needless to say, having an office in the business center “Moscow City” is prestigious? This is not just a location, but also a testament to the reliability and integrity of doing business. In other words, prestige. If you are in such a central place of business as “Moscow City”, your customers probably will not think you are going to evade taxes, but have money for a trustworthy business.

3. Quality

It is not surprising that the building consists of high-quality materials with a guarantee from a European manufacturer. Therefore, when looking for office space in the business center, be sure about the quality.

4. Design

Most of the premises of “Moscow City” are made in business style because this is the main priority of the business center. It is possible to purchase office space with an already completed design or to customize the ergonomics of the room for ease of use.

5. Business Development

The location of the office in the business center “Moscow City” contributes to the rapid development of business due to its convenient location and infrastructure. After all, in the business center and its surroundings are located offices of potential customers of your company.

Buy or rent an office in “Moscow City” you can by contacting the owners of the business center. Contacts and cost of premises can be found on the official website of “Moscow City”.

Thus, the business center “Moscow City” is a place where almost every Russian dreams to work. Accessibility, quality design, and prestige make the business center attractive for entrepreneurs and investors. If you plan to invest in real estate, consider the Moscow City business center a successful investment and a favorable location for a quick start of your business.

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