Freelance online

Freelance OnlineFreelance online is attractive because of freedom it provides, but scares by great responsibilities. It demands self-organization, ability of effective planning and lifelong learning from the freelancers. Nevertheless, more and more successful professionals move to freelance online, leaving their previous workplaces in the offices.

Let’s figure out who are freelancers and how to turn this way of activity into your primary source of income.

Freelancers are self-employers who earn a living by remotely doing particular work for his/her clients without enrolling in the staff of the company. Often, the contractor and the customer live in different countries, and their communication is carried out solely online.

The most popular professions on freelance online:

  1. programmers
  2. web developers
  3. testers
  4. designers
  5. copywriters
  6. journalists
  7. online marketers
  8. consultants
  9. translators
  10. photographers

Here is not a complete list, because each of the spheres divides into narrow specializations. For example, to work as a programmer, the only knowledge of Java is enough. However additional skills will only be a bonus, which will positively influence the level of your income.

Advantages of freelance online

Disadvantages of freelance online

  • flexible working hours
  • independent choice of the field of activity and customers
  • any comfortable place of work
  • possibility to combine work in freelancing with other activities
  • unaided job search
  • lack of stable income and social guarantees
  • risk of non-payment

How to find work in freelance online?

  1. Register on freelancing platforms.

The disadvantages of freelancing are partly solved on the platforms where customers and executors can easily choose each other from an extensive search of candidates. Here is a couple of examples of the freelancing platforms:

  1. Create your website, which will serve as your portfolio. Pay particular attention to your professional field. If you are a designer, poor-quality graphics on your site will only spoil your reputation, and as for copywriters – even minor grammatical errors are unacceptable. On this website, you can sell products or services for your start-up, or run a blog dedicated to your field activity (which will show your interest).
  1. Personal recommendations for freelancers is one more source to find a project because some customers do not trust online services. They will rather believe their friends, who could recommend you as a qualified specialist, than a foreigner’s profile on the Internet.

What can increase a freelancer’s chances to get a job:

  1. Positive feedback from previous customers, which builds your reputation.
  2. Qualitative and understandable portfolio – place your completed projects, and describe how you helped your previous clients to raise the profits.
  3. Effective communication – courtesy and competence during an online interview increases your chances of getting a project of your dreams.

How can you minimize risks of non-payment?

  1. Always discuss all the terms of the order in details – deadlines, the amount of work and the way of payment.
  2. Notify in advance if you do not have time to complete the specified task.
  3. Try to convince to get a half of the price before the work is done or work using freelancers’ platforms.

If you are not afraid of the freelancing limitations, and the benefits are inspiring, think about your online career seriously. Remember – you can only feel all the advantages of freelance online if you keep self-discipline and continuously improve your skills and knowledge. Good luck!