Oct 5, 2016
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Demand for Indian telco kit ‘soaring’, says minister

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Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha has said the country is one of
the fastest growing telecom markets internationally with the
second-largest subscriber base, He was speaking at a
trade event.

Sinha said the government would do everything to ensure that
Indian telecom products and services become the first choice
for everybody's telecom needs.

He said if any organisation was looking for secure
information, communication, technology or IT products, they
should rely on Indian products and the industry was eager to
share the 'know-how’ and the 'know
why’ for them to succeed.

"Indian manufacturers have made significant strides in
exports of IT and telecom products to several countries and
established that Indian IT and telecom products are of
world-class quality and globally competitive on technology and
price," he said.

India has all the ingredients of a globally-competitive
telecom industry such as a large domestic market, world-class
talent, a focus on research and development and intellectual
property rights creation, as well as a robust framework for
electronic manufacturing.

The export-led event drew attendees from South Asia,
South-East Asia, The Caribbean, Latin America and Africa.

"This large telecom network requires equipment and
technology that is second to none in the world, yet India
offers the lowest telephony tariffs in the world," he said. The
minister said with this background, the foreign delegates can
be assured that when they buy telecom products and services
from India, they would be buying the best technology at
competitive costs.

Speaking at the same event, Telecom Secretary J S
Deepak said Indian companies had exported more than $110bn
of IT and telco equipment in the past period, mostly to
advanced countries. He said that this is likely to witness a
significant growth rate shortly.

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